Vacation Scheme: Keeping a Record

As I mentioned last week it is important to take full advantage of your Vacation Scheme, Summer Internship or Placement. As well as following the tips from last week it is important to also keep a record of your experience.

1. Take notes

Carry a notebook and pen at all times. Note down as much as you can about the things you are doing, the company and your co-workers.

2. Keep a daily diary

Your placement is only a short period of time. Even if your don’t regularly keep a diary it is easy to jot down a line a day. Although realistically more detailed records are better. Try it. Add it into your career development journal.

3. Keep track of your review meetings, progress and any feedback given

You should have made a list of goals at the beginning of your scheme, internship or placement. It is important to keep an eye on these during your time there.

You should:

  • Check off your goals as you complete them
  • Review your goals periodically – if they are not being ticked off what can you do to achieve them?
  • Add more Goals. When you are working in the role you will think of even more things you want to achieve and would like to do during your time at the firm/company. Write them down.
  • Discuss your goals with your supervisor (if appropriate) and consider whether you are meeting the goals the firm/company has set for you.

4. Keep track of Contacts

On an scheme or placement you will meet a lot of new people. Make sure you keep in contact with those you click with and add them on LinkedIn or get their email address.  It also helps to keep your own list so that you can keep extra notes like how you met them, tidbits of information you know about them and their skills/recommendations.

5. Update your C.V.

And finally, once it is all over make sure your C.V is updated to include this additional experience. Update your C.V using your notes and records while it is still fresh in your mind.