Understanding Yourself: Relating your Personality Type to Others

Last week we discussed assessing your personality perferences using Myers Briggs. This week we are looking at a simple jigsaw tool from Jigsaw at Work which works in a similar way and can be used by individuals to develop in-depth self awareness and an understanding and tolerance of the personal styles of others.

Understanding your own personality and understanding the personality of those on your team or that you work with or even your boss – can make your life easier. The Jigsaw is made up of 4 pieces with different personalities including:

  • Organised
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Action

Each of these personality types are associated with different behaviours. For example ” Organised” means likes information, disciplined, systematic, habitual, attention to detail and procedural.

The jigsaw is a useful tool as you can easily use it to assess other people’s personality types and by working out what they are and how that personality type interacts with yours can give you some hints on what they value and how to manage them.

Below are some examples:

  • Organised people value logic. Organised people prefer you to give them lots of detail or at least convince that you have done the leg work and been through the detail.
  • Caring people value harmony and prefer that you keep them (and everyone else) informed.
  • Creative people value openness and honesty and prefer that you involve them.
  • Action people value competency, efficiency and effectiveness. They would prefer your to deal with things briefly.

Find out more: Jigsaw at Work




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