Top Tips for Success during your Vacation Scheme


Great news! You were succesful in securing a vacation scheme or other form of placement during the summer. So now you just have to make sure you make the most of the experience.

Here are a few key ways that you can find success during your vacation scheme and make a good impression with your limited face time.

1. Network!
I cannot stress this enough. Meet any and everyone that you can during your vacation scheme.This can take the form of accepting those coffee/lunch invites, getting involved in activities/social events that are being put on while you are there, actively participating in every opportunity you have.

You should use these opportunities to learn more about the law firm and the law in general and of course take an interest in the lives of the individuals you meet. Discover what path they have taken to reach the point they are at now, where they see themselves next and how their expertise can help you. Don’t forget to add the people you meet on LinkedIn so you can stay in contact.

2. Find a mentor/contact and use them.

While you may not be introduced to a formal mentor. You should keep an eye out for that person that you click with. This is a great way of finding an informal mentor you connect with on personal and professional levels. Make sure you touch base with this person throughout your vacation scheme and keep in touch after the end of your scheme.

If you have the benefit of a more formal mentor assigned to you make sure you speak with them regularly and leave a positive impression.

3.  Demonstrate your Skills
Vacation Schemes are not just about learning more about the law firm but are an opportunty for you to show you skills. In particular key skills you will want to try and show are teamwork, leadership and commercial awareness.

4. Ask for help.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t struggle on your own – ask for help whether this is from a supervisor/boss, a peer or a secretary/assistant. You are there to learn so make the most of the time you do have.

5. Stay professional.
Look and act the part every day at work. You are there to make a good impression.

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