S is for… Self-Awareness

S is for self-awareness.

Self-awareness means

“conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.”

What is Self-awareness?

Having self-awareness and the ability to reflect means that you can learn from your experiences. Understanding yourself is a skill that can also have a positive impact on your career development and role in the workplace. It can help you find you where you fit in and contribute to your happiness in the workplace.

Achieving self-awareness is challenging and a lifelong effort – so don’t expect to work it all out fast.

Why is self awareness important to employers?

There are two main reasons why self-awareness is important to your employer.

Firstly, it can make you a happier employee. By being self-aware you will know what is important to you (and how to get it) and your role within the business with fewer concerns around what everyone else is doing.

Secondly, being self-aware can make you a better leader (and better at your job) as you will give more consideration to your strengths and weaknesses and those of others. If you know what your strengths are, you can apply them in the right situations and know when to draw on the strengths of others within your team.The same applies to weaknesses. If you can acknowledge these you can deal with situations that arise in an appropriate manner.

Skill Development Plan

  1. Use a personality test to determine and understand your personal traits. Many employers will encourage their employees to undertake these tests as part of their development.
  2. ask others and get their opinion
  3. Finally, self-awareness is developed through practices in focusing your attention on the details of your personality and behavior. So keep notes in your career journal. Think about situations you handled well and those that you didn’t handle so well and how you might improve them