How to show you are serious about that Paralegal role (part 3)


You should also bear in mind the EXPERIENCE that you have.

3. What previous experience do you have?

As mentioned before Paralegal Roles vary considerably in terms of the experience required or the experience you are expected to have (and the experience you will gain from the role).

Junior roles requiring no experience are often advertised as “trainee paralegal”, “LPC Graduate” or “Admin/Paralegal” roles. If you have no experience and want to get on the job ladder these are the jobs to go for. Your employer will be expecting the hired individual to grow with the role (and outgrow it and move on to better things). Show your prospective employer that you want to grow and develop the role. That you already have ideas for the role. Depending on the number of paralegals they employ (another useful fact to ask friends/contacts) you should be able to push these points home. If the role has the potential to develop all the way to a Training Contract – show that you are there for the duration. If it is a stepping stone to something better, SHOW them that with some experience you can be and will give them that something better. Show that you are investable. (Think Dragon’s Den).

If you already have paralegal experience and have taken time off to do another job or complete the LPC a similar approach should be taken.

If you are changing firm from one paralegal role to another you will need to justify your change and reassure your employer that you won’t jump ship again for a different paralegal role or Training Contract. Do this by having a clear picture of why you are leaving your current job and why you are applying for this one.

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