How to show you are serious about that Paralegal role (part 1)

Last week we got asked by an LPC student how do you show prospective employers you are serious about a paralegal job and won’t disappear in a few months in pursuit of a training contract elsewhere.

The answer to this question is complex as there are several layers to it. You need to consider:

  • the type of firm you are applying for
  • the area of law you wish to practice in
  • the experience that you have
  • what your career aspirations are
  • why you want to be a solicitor

Consider these first.

1. Type of Firm

It is no secret, different types of firms have different approaches (and opinions) towards their paralegals (and graduate recruitment). Try your best to get a feel for your prospective employer’s approach.

For example, they might:

  • Not offer training contracts
  • Employ Career Paralegals only
  • Employ LPC Graduates as paralegals
  • Employ Law LLB Graduates as paralegals
  • Employ trainees out of their paralegals only
  • Employ trainees internally only
  • Employ trainees externally only
  • only offer fixed term contracts (sometimes with a TC at the end of it)
  • offer ILEX as an alternative

Do your research and learn what the rules are. This way you are better prepared for what is in store and you know what your employer is expecting.

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