Q is for… Qualified


Q is for qualified. When doing a job you will usually already be qualified for the job (and have been offered the job on the basis of your qualifications) or be working towards a qualification, to do the job (or do the job better).

How do you get qualified?

Whatever job you are aspiring to… work out what qualifications you need to get that job. Write a list of the necessary (and potentially desirable) qualifications, if you have them, and if you don’t have them do your research and work out how to get them.

For example – you want to be a solicitor. There are many routes to qualification – work out which is best for you. If you want to work in a specialist area you might want to also do some more qualifications as well.

Qualifications can get you in the door and attract clients – but remember it is not just qualifications that make you good at your job.

Skill Development Plan

  1. Work on your Qualification Plan – this should incorporate your personal Learning and Knowledge Plan.
  2. Undertake the course or exam you need to get qualified.
  3. Incorporate qualifications into your long-term plan (not just the short-term).