Interviews: the dress rehearsal

Top tip: Prepare for your interview by planning what to wear in advance and having a dress rehearsal.

In all the regular interview preparation we go through it is easy to overlook this step, after all you do a good job of getting dressed every morning as it is.  However, a colleague has suggested I try out a “dress-rehearsal” in the skirt suit (just to see how it goes) and offered some good advice on things to try out in preparation for in the interview, so I thought I’d share:

1. Try on the complete outfit, including make-up,  jewellery, shoes, bag and coat.

2. Use a full-length mirror and look at yourself both standing up and sitting down – this is particularly good if you are wearing a skirt to be able to see how much the skirt rides up. After all you spend most of the interview sitting, and you may not necessarily be hidden behind a table.

3. Consider whether you look the part, if you feel comfortable and confident and whether there is any part of the outfit which may cause you to fidget.

Choose what works best for you and then concentrate on preparing for the most important part of the interview ie answering the questions.