Interview Tips: How to prepare for your Interview

Congratulations. You have successfully been invited to interview. However, it doesn’t end here. You should spend some time preparing for your interview(s).

Do a mock interview

If you are a student, check if your careers service provides mock interviews. If so, book in a mock interview in advance of the real thing and prepare for it as well. If you have already graduated or your career service does not offer such a service call in a favour, perhaps from a mentor or networking contact, from a family contact, or from someone you did work experience with. Alternatively, buddy up with a fellow student and grill each other using example questions.

Revisit your application

Spend some time thinking about your application. Think about how you can expand on the points covered by your application and the key points that you want your potential employer to know for each of these. Think about any potential questions that might arise from your application and prepare for these. Be prepared to answer questions about any gaps, poor grades or lack of experience.

Do your research

the firm…

We come back to this again and again – but it is true. Make sure you do your research. You should be able to demonstrate that you know:

  • key facts about the firm
  • the values of the firm
  • what type of work the firm undertakes
  • their key clients and/or sectors
  • their recent deals
  • what they will expect of you
  • what their training programme is like

Once you have done you research it is important to identify why these things are important to you or attractive to you. You should have already done this for your application, this is just a refresher and an opportunity to dig a little deeper.

your commercial awareness…

As well as researching the firm, you will also want to do you legal and commercial awareness research. Research current legal issues and think about how they would affect the firm.

Why do you want to be a Solicitor?

Questions about your decision about to become a solicitor are guaranteed. You may have already covered this in your application so fresh your memory about what you said and be prepared to expand on it. If it is not already covered by the application, be prepared to talk about it, be prepared to give “evidence” and if you haven’t worked in the legal profession show that you have made an informed choice and that you can demonstrate that you actually know what a lawyer does. Practice this question show that you sound convincing and enthusiastic.

Why do you want to work for us?

As well as why do you want to be a solicitor the other guaranteed question is why do you want to work for the firm. This is where you research comes in. Use your research to craft some bullet points for answering this question. Once again, practice this question show that you sound convincing and enthusiastic.

Other Questions

After you have practiced the essentials you should also prepare and practice other interview questions.

Prepare a list of questions for the firm

You should ideally have a list of questions that you genuinely want answered and that demonstrate that you are interested in the firm. Write a list of questions – check that none of these can be answers on the website. If they can you may want to ask for more information on a specific point. Some of these will of course be answered during the course of the interview which is why it is important to have a list of questions to fall back on.