Interview Preparation and Research for Internal Interviews #interviewtips

Interviews are not always external. So what happens if you are applying for a job internally, or a promotion. Either way it is likely that you are going to be assessed on an equal footing with the other candidates, so being internal is unlikely to give you an edge in the actual interview process, but it can give you an edge if you do your pre-interview research.

  • Network and talk to as many people as possible. This can either be generally or specifically in connection to the job/promotion, either way use the internal network that you have built up during your time with the firm or company to your advantage.
  • Catch up with your mentor. Hopefully you will have a mentor within your firm or company. This is particularly useful if you are going for a promotion as your mentor may have already been through the process and/or be able to give you a different perpective from your peers.
  • Review the business plan and strategy – where is the firm or company going, how can you help and where do you fit in. It is a good idea to consider the answers to these questions before the interview. Know what your USP is.
  • Review your previous feedback and appraisals and comments – particularly if you are interviewing for a promotion as you will need to be in a position to sell yourself and draw attention to your achievements.
  • Find out as much as possible about yourr interviewers, the interview process and what they are looking for in advance. As mentioned above utilise your internal network and mentor to help you pull this information together.
  • Read your intranet. Read all and any information and resources that are available to you.

After all this just prepare for the interview in the usual way and make sure you have done your research and also know all the key recent news for the firm or company.